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Learn About The STRUCTUREmobile Suite


The STRUCTUREmobile Suite offers a collection of mobile applications that are linked to STRUCTURE for use in the field.

  • Time Reporting
  • Tracking Materials & Equipment
  • Change Orders for Jobs
  • Creating T&M Slips in the field
  • Dispatching Service Calls
  • Capturing digital signatures from customers
  • Email invoices to customers

All STRUCTUREmobile apps are compatible with IOS and Android devices.  Also with the apps all linked to STRUCTURE, any information entered into the app, is also automatically uploaded to the STRUCTURE server.  The STRUCTUREmobile apps are a feature of STRUCTURE Blue and are not sold separately.

With the STRUCTUREmobile Suite you can bring critical features of STRUCTURE with you into the field.


Construction Accounting SoftwareTimeLinc allows you to deploy a specific list of jobs, cost categories, employees, and equipment to specific devices in the field.  Your foremen can enter the daily time for labor and equipment to send back into STRUCTURE for the purpose of feeding the payroll and updating the job costs as often as you want.








Construction Accounting SoftwareTechLinc allows you to dispatch service calls directly to your field service techs on their mobile devices (IOS & Android compatible).  In the field, the tech can access service history, get directions, enter a description, and even capture a digital signature.  Once the tech complete the call, the customer instantly receives a signed copy of the work order via email.  All of the details are now in the STRUCTURE system, ready to be reviewed by the billing department.  With TechLinc you no longer have to wait days to bill a customer, now you can do it almost instantly.






Construction Accounting SoftwareWhen working on a job, you never know what you might encounter.  Sometimes you may have to make changes to your current job, and with ChangeLinc that process has become streamlined.  ChangeLinc allows you to create Change Order Requests directly from your mobile device and email the proposal to customers instantly.

With a secure login, each Field Supervisor or Project Manager can access all of their own specific job information.  From the field, access any of the jobs that you are working on to create Change Orders.

  • Create a T&M slip in the field on their mobile device (IOS & Android compatible).
  • Enter your list of time, materials, and description of work.
  • Obtain digital signature from customer, and then email out completed request.
  • Simultaneously create the change data right into STRUCTURE Blue.
  • Easily view which requests on your device have been uploaded, and which have not.
  • All information is instantly uploaded right into STRUCTURE Blue.



Construction Accounting SoftwareIntroducing ScanLinc

Our Inventory Management App Exclusively for Commercial Flooring Contractors.  ScanLinc allows users to scan in and track material using a barcode device.  Here's how it works.  Within STRUCTURE Blue, users can create labels with barcodes for materials as well as Bin locations.  By scanning those barcodes using ScanLinc, you can track location changes, quantity changes, and even issue cuts, all from the scanning device.  All scans are instantly updated into STRUCTURE Blue for verification and processing. 

Experience The Best in Contractor Accounting Software.

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Working hand in hand with STRUCTURE's desktop applications are a suite of mobile apps designed to even further enhance productivity.

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About C/F Data Systems

C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry for more than 40 years.

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Mobile Solutions

The STRUCTUREmobile suite is a collection of mobile apps that are linked to STRUCTURE Blue for use in the field.



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