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STRUCTURE Blue Operations Solutions

Learn how STRUCTURE Blue can provide operations solutions for your company.

Work Orders

STRUCTURE Blue makes work orders easy, fast and profitable. With instant access to client history (including credit) and to your service rep and equipment at the site, you have the ability to dispatch service while keeping an eye on your resources and profitability. You can set up zone analysis for routing and scheduling, and log times of call and dispatch. You can set up screens to enter the problem and, ultimately, the resolution.

Automated features to keep trucks on the road and paperwork out the door:

  • Generate quotes for customers, then convert them into orders
  • Open order reporting by status, priority, date/time, customer, order number, job, truck, service rep or zone
  • Automatic recall of work order for billing 
  • Ability to handle COD’s
  • Automatic pricing for labor and material updatable from services such as Trade Service or Harrison
  • Cross posting to Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, Payroll and General Ledger as required
  • Automatically track material inventory by truck
  • Automatic billing of scheduled service contracts
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling capability with automatic PM work orders
  • Ability to generate cost and profit analysis by job and service technician

And you get all the inquiries and reports you need, including:

  • Dispatch Board
  • Work Orders
  • Open Orders
  • Service History
  • Inventory Location
  • Service Contract
  • Contract Expiration
  • Invoice
  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Recurring Billing
  • Make/Model Problem Analysis
  • Service Rep Profitability
  • Invoice History
  • Service Contract Labels
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Call Analysis

STRUCTURE Blue WorkForce Scheduling

WorkForce allows your scheduler or foreman to allocate and schedule the necessary resources for all upcoming projects, be it labor or equipment. Because of STRUCTURE Blue’s security, limit access to just the jobs they are responsible for staffing.

Establish a database of skill sets that are required for certain projects and assign employees based on their skills and availability. Generate labor forecasts to determine your future workforce requirements. Convert your long-range workforce into a daily schedule using actual labor classifications as well as specific employees. Generate a calendar to track employee availability, and keep a complete history of your workforce schedule for all of your future labor reporting requirements.

Interface to STRUCTURE Blue’s comprehensive Payroll module to streamline the entire time collection process.

  • WorkForce Schedule Report
  • Payroll Report by Employee
  • Resource Schedule by Employee
  • Resource Schedule by Job
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Forecast Resource Requirements

Fixed Assets

Establish a complete list of all equipment and setup different billing rates, be it hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, rental or even idle. Monitor all relevant information including purchase date, purchase price, current value and salvage value. Generate depreciation tables on either book, tax or a third alternate basis as you decide.

Produce preventative maintenance schedules based on days, miles or hours, allowing you to keep your valuable resources in tip-top condition. Produce service tickets for your mechanics and draw from your integrated parts database inventory.

Track all revenue and expense associated with each piece of equipment to produce a complete and accurate cost per hour of utilization to determine which equipment to keep and which to dispose of.

  • Equipment History by Equipment, Component and Serial Number
  • Equipment Revenue and Expense Report
  • Fuel Usage Report
  • Service Tickets
  • Service Inquiry
  • PM Scheduling Report
  • Inventory Parts Reporting
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • General Ledger Interface Report
  • Monthly Equipment Charges

Quote Proposal

Designed specifically for the flooring industry, the Quote Proposal module allows you to track the entire bid process from invite to bid to awarding of the job.

In Quote Proposal, you have the ability to:

  • Create an unlimited number of custom bid templates to allow for all necessary costs and items to be included when pricing out a quote.
  • Sort, group and present the quote in many different formats. 
  • Customize your quotes to show your company logo and other unique information.
  • Price out the main sections of the bid.
  • Create alternates and change order quotes.
  • Select as many customers that need to get a quote and determine which ones have the best chance of awarding you the contract.
  • Once your quote is accepted, book the bid to create a job and automatically set up your budget, contract amount and all relevant job set up information.
  • Seamlessly convert the detail lines on the bid to be used on purchase orders.
  • Automatically create your submittals in the Project Management module right from the quote details. Track, email and create follow-up notes.
  • Analyze your closing ratio by type of job, lead source, salesperson, market segment or one of over a dozen different criteria.

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About C/F Data Systems

C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry for more than 40 years.

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