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Accounting Solutions for Your Business

Learn how STRUCTURE Blue can provide accounting solutions for your company.

Job Cost and Billing

When it comes down to it, your business starts with jobs. STRUCTURE Blue's Job Cost and Billing module allows you to view and analyze all significant details of each job and to summarize and compare costs to the budget. You can develop your own budget in dollars, hours, units, by cost code or cost type. You can also import a budget from one of the many third party estimating programs that seamlessly integrate with STRUCTURE Blue. Of course, you're not the only party interested in Job Cost - STRUCTURE Blue's flexible reporting options help you analyze and report over and under billing projections, for your bonding company and bank.

STRUCTURE’s Job Cost and Billing module offers a wide array of standard inquiries and reports, including:

  • Open Jobs
  • Work in Process
  • Category Budget
  • Detail Costs
  • Job Summary
  • Tool Locator
  • Stock Slips
  • Workers' Comp
  • Field Report Worksheet
  • Change Order Analysis and AIA G701
  • AIA G702 and G703
  • T&M and Unit Price Bills
  • Project Manager Reports
  • Invoice History
  • Equipment Profitability
  • Sales and Use Tax

STRUCTURE Blue allows you to generate AIA G702 and G703 and update to the Accounts Receivable module. When the requisition gets cut, it will automatically void and reissue a revised AIA with the corrected amount. It will also fix all the entries through the entire accounting system seamlessly. The Master Report Generator provides the option to create up to 99 user-defined columns.

You can grant access to material and labor rate tables for T&M billing. Product inventory can be priced automatically and be updated from third-party pricing services or from an Excel spreadsheet. Show your customer as much or as little detail required and bill them to get paid promptly. Change is part of your business and STRUCTURE Blue's ability to handle job change orders is what raises it above the pack. With STRUCTURE Blue you can create change order proposals and organize your change orders by date, job or customer.

You can also:

  • Combine change orders and list them on a statement
  • Create change order proposals in various formats
  • Differentiate change requests in process 
  • Easily move costs from one job to another
  • Utilize the extensive cash flow projection feature allowing you to forecast all pending cash in and out on all of your jobs

Just because you spent 50% of your budget doesn’t necessarily mean you’re halfway done. Report your progress as often as you want by entering percent complete, cost to complete, hours to complete or other ways to reflect the true estimated final cost. You can use those revised figures to report on your WIP schedule and other reports throughout the system.

Accounts Receivable

Like any business your cash flow starts with receivables. It is crucial that you are able to stay on top of your incoming revenue. STRUCTURE Blue's Accounts Receivable module lets you view and analyze your cash flow from every conceivable vantage point. STRUCTURE Blue automatically posts invoice data from the Job Cost and Billing module and Work Order module, updates cash receipts and automatically controls retainage.

With STRUCTURE Blue's password-controlled access, you can permit only selected operators to edit cash receipts and adjustments. An audit trail of those edits will automatically be created.

You also get a complete collections file with interactive notes for tracking calls and responses along with standard dunning letters that can be easily customized to assure prompt payment.

Standard accounts receivable inquiries and reports, including:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Statements
  • Customer Activity Reports
  • Customer List 
  • Aging for a Variety of Standard or Customizable Time Periods
  • Invoice and Payment History
  • Cash Receipts and Sales Registers
  • Commission Reporting

Accounts Payable

STRUCTURE Blue helps keep track of where your cash is going by automatically posting purchases to Job Cost and General Ledger as well as aging invoices by due date or invoice date for any time period. With STRUCTURE Blue you can run cash management reports by job, due date, selected vendors’ invoices or various combinations.

You can maintain sub-contractor records of billing to date and contract amount outstanding, lien waiver and insurance expiration dates and even track retainage. Of course, you can post partial payments, create joint checks and post to multiple general ledger periods in the same batch. You can also enter recurring payments for automatic posting. There’s even a vendor note subsystem for correspondence.

Standard accounts payable inquiries and reports, including: 

  • Access History by Job, G/L, PO, Vendor or Check Number
  • Purchase Journal
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Vendor List
  • A/P Aging
  • Billing and Payment Histories
  • Voucher and Check Registers
  • Aging for a Variety of Standard or Customizable Time Periods 
  • Cash Requirements
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Subcontractor Reporting
  • 1099’s


Payroll can be a nightmare for any contractor. Employees could have multiple pay types, job classifications and pay scales, different locations having different tax rates and dozens of compliance reports required by various agencies. You can easily set up STRUCTURE Blue to do it all for you. With STRUCTURE Blue you can automatically post labor to job costs, track vacation, holiday and sick time, calculate taxes and deductions for layoff checks, Davis-Bacon and Section 125 deductions and automatically print state tax and garnishment checks as part of the payroll run.

You can create a complete employee database that supplies all you need for any reporting requirement, including: 

  • Employee List
  • Certified Payroll with LCP Tracker
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Monthly and YTD Earnings
  • Quarterly Taxes
  • Employee Earnings History
  • 401K Reporting
  • Timesheets
  • Vacation, Personal and Sick Time
  • Union and Minority
  • Year End W2’s
  • Payroll, Deduction and Check Registers
  • Direct Deposit 

The many inquires and reports in the Payroll module allow you to inquire on specific employee information, including a "drill down" feature that lets you see additional detail on the entries, excellent for times when you need to review check stub detail, including hours, taxes, deductions and expenses. 

You have options when entering employee time information, including: 

  • Job - Track employee's time from job sheets 
  • State - Withhold taxes in multiple states within one pay period
  • Manual Entry - Enter the payroll from handwritten checks  
  • Standard Time Entry - Enter your employees' time information for system-generated checks

With TimeLinc, C/F Data Systems mobile time solution, field personnel can enter hours worked right on their iOS or Android device. TIme is captured in STRUCTURE Blue for review and processing, eliminating the need for keypunching handwritten timesheets. 

Set up custom union reports/exports. Reports can be set for each union with headings, multiple columns, optional subtotals and totals. Choose which locals to run. Reports can be sent to Excel via .csv or .xml format.

General Ledger

In any accounting system, all transactions link to the general ledger, and with STRUCTURE Blue you can isolate and highlight those transactions for time periods you define. You can work in multiple periods and isolate department, division and multi-company accounts. Create supporting schedules for every account. Set up automatic accruals, reversals and recurring entries. STRUCTURE Blue performs all the standard functions of a powerful general ledger system, but it’s the user-created capabilities that make it shine.

  • Create your own custom financial reports
  • Export a trial balance to Excel for off-site auditing
  • Produce financial statements for unclosed periods, and for prior periods, at any time of the month

General Ledger also allows for all of your banking needs, including check reconciliation and account transfers.

And remember, because of STRUCTURE Blue's password-controlled access restrictions you can set up dozens of authorization levels for data entry, editing, analysis, report consolidation, design and output. The CEO can review reports, the CFO can consolidate them and a clerk can make the entries. STRUCTURE Blue lets you easily set up whatever safeguards you need for your vital financial data. Save up to seven years of financial history in the system. Control which period users are allowed to post from A/R, A/P and Payables without actually closing the period.

Standard General Ledger inquiries and reports, including:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Trial Balance Reporting
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Income Statement Reporting
  • Auditor's Trial Balance
  • Management Reporting
  • Supporting Schedules
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Reporting

Executive Center

Keeping track of your company's financial information can be quite the hassle. A massive amount of time is wasted pouring over a plethora of management reports and spreadsheets. Now you can rid yourself of the clutter. STRUCTURE Blue's Executive Center was designed with you in mind. 

Contractor Accounting Software

One screen displays all of your critical financial information. You can see your complete receivables and payables at a glance.

If necessary you can go deeper to see which invoices are past due as well as any collection call history. Check your daily cash balance, or access your financials with the click of a button. One number representing your entire project backlog allows you to go deeper to access all necessary information on each job, actual to budget, billing and payments, as well as transaction detail costs.

Easily access your company's financial status for previous time periods and compare different periods against one another. You can also keep financial and job information confidential by limiting access for certain users.

Experience The Best in Contractor Accounting Software.

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C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry for more than 40 years.

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